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City Group cares about your tomorrow. That's why we are not only interested in finding your dream home, we also want to find a home that is a good investment for your future. That's what makes our agents stand apart from other real estate companies.


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It's Not Just A Dream Home, It's An Investment...

Each City Group agent is specially trained to understand the true value of any home you intend to purchase. Not only does this help in making a wise investment, but more importantly in today's uncertain markets, it will keep you from becoming "upside down" in your mortgage in the future.

  (will require 10-20% down payment)

We are a FULL SERVICE Brokerage which means we will assist you with anything and everything involved in the purchase of your new home, such as:
- Assistance with Financing
- Helping You Find a Home
- Valuating Your Potential Home
- Negotiating a Price
- Contracts
- Home Inspection
- Home Appraisal
- Title Policy
- Title Insurance
- Home Warranty
- Moving Assistance
- Transfer of Electric / Phone / Cable / Internet
- General Contractor Work
- Interior Design
- Landscaping

and anything else you may need...


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